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Saturday, October 4, 2014

because the only option is STAY STRONG

Sometimes you don't even know why you attach to somebody. but you need to know sometime attachment would hurt you. AFRAID. afraid of being separated. because they are in you heart. if you loss them, you feel like you loss part of your heart. Allahurabbi. please take all my heart. please dont let me too attach to this dunya. cause im afraid im not with you in jannah.

Hati ini tidak punya personal asistant untuk mengendalikan setiap perasaan. perasaan cinta sedih gembira bangga dan segala macam perasaan terhadap sesuatu. Allah, aku mohon kau menjadi raja kepada hati ini. kerana hati ini milikMu. bukan milikku.

and Allah i know im weak. but i know you are listening to me. give me strength to stay strong. because that's the only option.

bayt israa'
arabella mall


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